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  • 04936 220 479 /9497705392
  • shreyasbathery@gmail.com, shreyaswayanad@gmail.com
Shreyas Social Development Organisation

Intervention Details

Service Provider for the victims of Domestic Violence

The role of Shreyas -SPC in controlling the domestic violence and curbing its worse consequences is crucial. The SPC-and the legal aid centre of shreyas helps in the cases of domestic abuse and works in collaboration with law enforcers of domestic violence. The domestic violence against women can be viewed in different forms, which will include physical, verbal, economic, sexual, emotional abuse and the threats to commit the same. Bride tortured to death for dowry issues', a women abandoned by her husband for no reasons', such kind of news always appears in the papers. This issue is very grave and requires much importance than just one or two lines in the news papers. To understand the depth of this issue we need to look at the statistics of this crime. Statistics should be collected to show that violence against women actually exists and we as users should try to use these statistics to lay foundation for our argument as to the extent to which violence against women exist.

Nature of cases:

  • Domestic violence by husband and in law
  • Marital discord
  • Extra-Marital problem
  • Family issues
  • Adolescent problem
  • Scholastic Backwardness
  • Suicide tendency
  • Old age Problems
  • Alcoholism

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